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Irish Wildflower Wax Melts

Irish Wildflower Wax Melts

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Top notes: Iris, Lavender

Middle Notes: Lily of the Valley, Rose

Base Notes: Daffodils, Bluebells

Wild bluebells, spring crocuses, bunches of yellow daffodils. This Spring inspired scent is from walking through wildflower fields sprinkled with morning dew. Transport yourself to a lush countryside filled with fragrant wild bluebells, vibrant spring crocuses, and delicate yellow daffodils. Our Irish Wildflower Candle captures the invigorating essence of a walk through a dewy wildflower field. Let the fresh and rejuvenating scent of nature fill your home.

On a Sunday we like to spend our time as a family. We go for dog walks and pick wildflowers. When I need to get my son to nap, we walk in our village and we pick wildflowers. Growing up, we used to visit my uncles farm in Mayo where wildflowers would grow in the fields where we’d spend hours befriending the new calves. 


Made with Coconut Rapeseed wax, vegan essential and fragrance oils and a cotton wick


Small Amber approx 120ml

Classic Clear approx 180ml

Rose Gold Tin approx 200ml

Care information

Keep any botanicals away from the lit wick.


* Light your candle on a heat proof surface.

* Trim your wick every new burn.

* Don't touch the container when lit.

* Burn for a maximum of 4 hours at a time.

* Don't leave your candle unattended when lit.

* Don't burn to the bottom 1/2cm of wax no matter how much you love it.



How to get the most out of your candle:

* On the first burn, burn for 3/4 hours so you get a full melt pool, wax has a  memory so burning it a little at a time leads to tunneling.

* Trim your wick to 1/2 cm to avoid large smoky flames before every burn.

* Burn them on a heatproof surface to avoid burn mark or setting fire to the surface.


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