About Us

We are eco conscious people who want the best for our little family. They don’t get to choose what we burn in the house so I choose to burn eco friendly, animal friendly, vegan candles. Candles I trust because I’ve made them in my kitchen. Our scents are always vegan and never tested on animals, subjecting my dogs to my candle tests don’t count, they don’t leave my side and one is a wax eating fiend....

When we first started making candles I wanted an alternative to paraffin and the most readily available wax was soy. Unfortunately soy wax while heavily marketed and promoted is also very heavily genetically modified, with only 3% being sustainable. That was not what I wanted for my candles.

We wanted to source our wax as eco friendly as we can. We use rapeseed and coconut oil wax. Rapeseed grows in Europe and is non GMO and coconut oil is a natural and sustainably grown crop. All of our products are vegan and sourced as local as we can, with most coming from either Ireland or England so we are reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible. We want there to be a world for our children to enjoy so we all have to do our bit.

Our new homeware section is all eco friendly, sustainably sourced and mostly women owned businesses or me. All of the products are handmade and that might make them a little unique but who wants to be the same as everyone else?!?

Our packaging is as environmentally friendly as possible. We use recycled boxes and some look a little worse for wear because they’ve been reused but they’re all clean and it’s all for a good cause. We only use recyclable packing stuffing too, if you get plastic in your order, it’s been reused from somewhere else (most likely one of my homeware shopping sprees).... All of our jars are made from recycled glass and if you’re local, give them back to me for a clean and refill and you get to keep your pretty jar. It can be one of your own candle jars or any other candle safe container too!