Collection: Inspired by Ireland

I grew up in England until I was 14. Every summer holiday was to Ireland to visit my dads parents and uncles, grandads family in Kerry and granny’s family in Mayo. 
Days in kerry were spent running up mountains and exploring the woods around granny and grandads house or days at the beach when the weather was good. It was July so it was very 50/50.

Days in Mayo were spent in the streams on my great uncles farms with wet wellies and trying to get cows to befriend us strange folk from London.

I was always a country girl at heart, when we were told we were moving to Ireland at 14, I was delighted. We moved to Clare, I went to college in Galway and then I spent my summers working in Kerry where I eventually moved for two years. I moved home to Clare, met my husband who’s from Tipperary, we bought a run down stone cottage in Paradise (you’ll see it on my logo) and started our fur and baby family. 

Our inspired by Ireland scents come from my Irish Summer holidays and our now country life. They take me to my favourite places and memories. Each memory is on the individual product page, join me on our journey.