Wholesale orders

This week I had some very very exciting news.! As you all know if you follow me I am all about the vegan and sustainably sourced materials. I use coconut and rapeseed wax as it’s kinder to the planet and is responsibly farmed. Whole forests aren’t flattened and whole fields aren’t ripped up just for my candles. My scents are all family and animal friendly as you all know, that’s so important to me. My three dogs, cat, tortoise and aquarium all appreciate my change slowly over the last few years and they’re normally at my feet. 

Well when I showed them to my local health food shop, they loved them! And we will be stocking in Ennis’ ‘Open Sesame’ very soon. I have no idea how I’ll cope with a wholesale order but I am so bloody excited!! Now just to figure how I want to stage my little stand! I can honestly barely contain myself. I’m not sure I was 100% ready but sometimes when things come your way, you have to dive head first or how will you know?

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