Not all sunshine and rainbows

Not all sunshine and rainbows

I’d love to say that I get it right every time. I don’t. Candle making is a science. I mean I have a science degree but this is a lot more enjoyable and smells way better! This week I was all excited to show everyone my new amber jars which I am in love with. However, we’ll have to wait a little longer.

I’ve used a slightly too small wick for my jars and I have this horrible unburnt ring of wax around the edge. I’m not happy with that. I like my melt pool to extend the whole way across the top of my candles creating an even burn. My new wicks should be here in a few days but I’ll keep everyone posted.

My new scents however, unreal! I’ve put a lot of thought into these ones and creating combinations that I like. Previously I’ve chosen scents based on popularity and relied a touch too heavily on other people’s opinions. I make candles because they make me happy. I’ve been doing it myself for years, saving up bits of old candles and melting them down to create new and exciting blends. I thought, why not do that from scratch. So I did.

These scents are three that I absolutely love and will enjoy making. They’re not any particular season because I like all year round candles. Some people might like seasonal but apart from maybe Christmas I’m thinking I’m going to just do year round candles. I get too attached to my scents to just have them for a season and I really hate autumn scents 😂 spice and pumpkin just don’t float my boat so for me, they’re a no go. I make my candles in my kitchen and that’s not a smell I want permeating my house. My quite small country cottage house.... 

I’m super excited for my new line of candles so hopefully I’ll get them right soon! Have a good day.


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