Autumn Scents

Autumn Scents

So, despite the weather really picking up again here in Ireland, Autumn is just around the corner. I’ve preferred loads of new crispy leaf smells and a few Christmas smells too. Some of them I like as they are, some need to be blended. I am definitely looking forward to that challenge! I tried using a new essential oils company and I don’t think it worked in my favour this time. I should have stuck with my tried and tested oils but if you don’t try, you’ll never know 🤷🏻‍♀️

Autumn is my favourite time of year and Christmas is my fave holiday. I love the falling leaves and the rich colours and the way you get to wear your scarf and hat with your sunglasses! My amber jars were chosen because of the colour they give off, that lovely orange/brown glow. It’s just so cosy and that’s what you want from a candle.

Christmas for me is all about the family. All about giving presents and watching people’s faces light up as they realise you know them well enough to think outside the box and get them something they may not have even thought of themselves. In my house everyone tries to outgift me. It never works, I am the ultimate gift giver. I start shopping in January, I have 11 months to think of what I want to give people.

My candles for me are like Christmas every day. When I pick my scents or mix my oils, I’m imagining that memory that I can create. I’m picturing that house and what they may need. I love the idea that I can take someone back to a Christmas morning or a birthday or just a great time in their lives with my candles. A time running in the park, rolling down the hills doing sausage rolls. Having a picnic. Driving in the car eating sweets singing the same songs over and over again. They’re the memories I love. Now I get to do that with Christmas! Maybe I make my candles for me 😂


Hope you have a good week guys, I’ll let you know next week if I’m happy with any of my scents or managed to pull the undertones out of these oils!


Stay Safe

Laura xx

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